Working Together at ArtHouse

September 07, 2020

What a wild and crazy time we are living in. It has been a while since we’ve shared any news, but, just like you, we too have been busy.  ArtHouseArtHouse

Going forward we are going to be marketing together under the ArtHouse umbrella. We named our house “ArtHouse” when we built it and moved in 3 years ago and are going to be working as a team a lot more now.

Due to social distancing and lack of social anything, we are going to be selling our art online as much as possible going forward. We will always appreciate your comments on what you’d like to see in the way of sales, auctions, etc. We are considering all options at this point.

Best and Peace, 

Lynn and Steve

SnL_Portrait_01SnLArtHouse artists Steve & Lynn Payne


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