The Soul Doctors ..."We Put The Band Back Together"

June 19, 2018

SoulDoxThe Soul Doctors - Photo by Michael SwitzerL-R: Steve Hill, Ryan Kennedy, Steve Payne, Ammed Solomon and Tim Coll Yes, that's right the Soul Doctors are back. If you've never heard us before, hopefully, you will soon. We were together from 2001-2010 playing all over the region for weddings, corporate and private parties as well as public concerts. Why did we disband? The financial crisis of 2008 brought the party business to its knees. We went from an average of 30 dates a year to under 10. At that point, it just didn't make a lot of sense to keep going. So, we very sadly ended it, but we'd had a great run and made a lot of people happy with our music, including us. So, let it be. But, we couldn't...

Ammed Solomon, our drummer and I work together frequently and we had lamented often about how much we wanted to do it again.

One of the problems though was my good brother and AMAZING musician/saxophonist Doug Payne had since moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina and was obviously not going to be able to participate on a regular basis. We figured to replace Doug we'd have to find 3 people.

So, we asked the multi-talented Ryan "Bean" Kennedy who we've all known for years and who plays in The Bob Thompson Unit with Doug and The Mountain Stage Band with Ammed and Steve Hill, our bass player if he would be interested? We agreed to a test rehearsal to see if we all thought it would work back in November 2017. The vote was unanimous, and now along with longtime Soul Doctors guitarist Tim Coll, we are back together and making some great music, if I do say so myself. 

We are playing a pre-Festivall party at The Capitol Theatre on May 24 and Live on The Levee June, 29th. We will also be playing at Mardi-Gras again, where we played regularly as version 1.0. And, we are looking forward to playing your private events and parties, so give me a call and let's book it.

As Mountain Stage host Larry Groce says..."The party starts when The Soul Doctors are in the house!"

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