Combining Images and Pushing Color To The Limit

October 29, 2018

Reeds & Twigs"Reeds & Twigs". Roller coaster grass combined with the naked trees of winter and extreme color reminds me of a Jackson Pollack painting. ©2018 Steve Payne

Over the past few years, I had become somewhat frustrated being a landscape photographer, in the fact that you can’t work when you want to. To begin with, I can’t tell you how many “fall color shooting trips” I have scheduled over the past 10 years that were ruined by weather. The other side of the coin is when you are home juggling assignments, elder parent care, etc. your time is rarely your own. So, often the time you have to create is not the right time for great photography.

This has gone on with me for years, watching Lynn paint every day and me not being able to photograph. So, I have started experimenting a lot, combining images and pushing color to the limit. I can get lost in that process just as much as working for the perfect moment in the field. I am shooting a lot of images that are done to be merely components of a greater whole and never a complete image in themselves. Now the challenge is finding them on the hard drive when I need them! 

Cloud Bridge"Cloud Bridge". Mirror image clouds at sunrise on Edisto Island, SC. ©2018 Steve Payne

Amber Wave"Amber Wave" - Blowing sea oats,  a field of clouds and our flag portray our constantly changing America. ©2018 Steve Payne

I absolutely love the freedom of being able to work creatively whenever I want to and not being dependent on the weather!

Palm Cardinal"Palm Cardinal" The winter trees combine with summer palm leaves to create the perfect perch for our state bird. ©Steve Payne 2018 

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