All This Stuff!

June 19, 2017

Stuff In StorageStuff In StorageJust some of our stuff in storage while waiting for the house to be finished. The process of moving after 32 years living in the same house was overwhelming, enlightening, renewing and some things that I can’t say in mixed company. To say that I am glad it’s in the rearview mirror is an understatement.

Dealing with all the accumulated stuff that one who has a large house with a basement and a studio in the backyard was a HUGE nightmare!

And, not really knowing what you are going to need and what you can live without is part of the problem. So, we rented a warehouse to store my and Lynn's studio equipment in along with extra house furniture that we weren't sure we would keep or not until our house was finished. Then we slowly moved in until the house was set up the way we wanted it and jettisoned the rest. You get to the point where you just don't care about any of it anymore and truly wonder how this happened in the first place! 

This process has also made me want to keep going and going to have less and less!

Now what? That’s right, now what? This process has changed me in many ways. All the stuff that we have gotten rid of after keeping for whatever reason (we had a basement) all those years has been incredibly freeing. It has also made me want to keep going and going to have less and less! If I didn’t have a business this would be a lot simpler, but I do and I have to have the tools and workspaces to do the work I need to do in an efficient and effective way.

To be continued...

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