Racing With The Clouds

January 31, 2015



A speedboat races the clouds to get home before the storm in Vero Beach, Florida.

I am a certified cloud junky. I could watch the clouds all day long. This summer's trip to Vero Beach, Florida was great for cloud watching, since thunderstorms were popping up somewhere every single day, and Hurricane Cristobal was passing by in the Atlantic. I caught this boat racing the clouds to get home before the storm hit that day. I love this image in black and white, which I have begun to do a lot more of lately. It's going back to my roots, as there was a time when folks would ask, "do you do color?" I hope you enjoy this one,  it will really sing as a large framed print!

Tip: There's really no secret to a photograph like this. It's just knowing what you are looking for, being prepared and pushing the shutter at just the right time. As the old newspaper guys used to say, "f8 and be there." - SP

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