Sea Shells of The River

July 14, 2013

To me, rocks are the seashells of the rivers, and one of my favorite pastimes is looking for interesting shapes and designs in them when I’m on the Greenbrier River. I simply enjoy looking at the planet we live on, and rocks are pretty basic  to that. After all, we are the “third rock from the sun”, so we don’t need a major study to agree on that fact.

All that said, is to talk a little about a favorite photograph that I made a number of years ago. In fact, it was the beginning of my very successful “Images of The Greenbrier River” series. I have this image on my office wall and never grow tired of looking at it.

"Rocks I"
"Rocks I" from The Greenbrier River Series, by Steve Payne

It was not something I planned on doing, in fact it was the result of a disappointment. You see I was supposed to meet a couple of my song writing friends from Nashville at our camp on the Greenbrier river that weekend, but due to a last minute road gig that came up for them, they had to cancel. I was left wondering how to spend my time on the river, and decided that looking for the perfect rock image was my goal. This image, “Rocks I” was the result.

It was also the first time I had seriously photographed on the river, since buying the camp. The goal of the camp was to get away from the pressures of work, and since I photograph for a living, I didn’t want to do a lot of that there. Fortunately, I always took my gear with me just in case. And, now it’s my favorite activity to relax on the river. What was I photography?

I also find it interesting that this is still my very best rock photograph to date, and believe me I’ve tried to outdo it, but never have. So, get out there and search for some cool rocks, and rock designs in a river near you, it will take you away from whatever you’re running from! -SP

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