We Got Googled

March 16, 2012

Last October, when I received an email from a New York media company requesting a telephone interview to possibly use Steve Payne Photography in a video promotion as a Google success story, I was understandably skeptical. And, when it became a reality I was understandably excited! After all, if Google thinks you have a good enough web presence to be used as success story, then all those years working to develop an online presence must have been worthwhile.


This is how the story goes. I responded positively to the email, did the phone interview, was selected, and then asked when they wanted to shoot the video? “How about next Tuesday,” she said? “Sure that’s fine,” I said. But when I hung up, I realized that the recent construction of my new garden studio had left my surrounding garden area a mud pit, and this was Wednesday night. I was leaving for the weekend on Friday, and that only left Thursday and Monday to completely transform the garden. This is when friends are priceless! Ammed, Arthur, George and Laura came to the rescue, and we transformed the place like a reality tv show, finishing in the dark, around 9:30 on Monday evening. What a team effort! Thank you all! Oh...and I forgot to mention that the stairs weren’t stained on Wednesday evening either, although they were completed on Thursday and Friday, by Doug Slappe and crew. Fortunately this had been scheduled for a while and the weather cooperated...and they were dry by Monday.

So, the film crew came and shot for a day and a half. The first day I had a Town Center shoot scheduled with The Project Style winner, Amelia Edmondson and The Teen Board, that is now up and running in the mall...timing is everything! All in all, it was a blast and I’m thankful to everyone who helped! Funny thing is, after all that work on the garden, it ended up on the cutting room floor, but hat’s film making!

Thanks also to Dan Shreve from The Media Center, who helped out with a loaner tripod head for the film crew, when theirs didn’t arrive from repair by Fedex as expected.

I hope you enjoy the video!

P.S. Google also selected our friends at The Purple Moon vintage store in downtown Charleston for a success video, so check theirs out as well!


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