"Favorites Show" at Carnegie Hall

July 02, 2012

You can see a show of my work that YOU helped pick, from July 2 until August 25 in Carnegie Hall’s Auditorium Gallery, Lewisburg, West Virginia. How did you help pick it? With a couple of exceptions where you and I don’t match up, these are some of my top sellers of the last ten years. Where we don’t match up, these are some of my favorites that haven’t sold as well, but that I still love. People often ask, “what’s your favorite photograph that you’ve ever made?” And, that’s impossible to answer. I have a lot of favorites, in fact many more than are in this show, but there’s only so much room in the gallery, so I had to make some choices. I think you’ll enjoy the show and the setting...check it out. SP

"Color Swirl III" from my current show at Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WV


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